CFC Policies

Proposal for Policy Regarding Use and Distribution of Funds

March 2013

Basic Premise:  Cape Fear Cyclists By-laws

Section 3: Club Objectives:

a)  To bring together individuals and organizations with a common interest in bicycling.

b)   To promote public recognition of the need for safer bicycling conditions and to offer guidance and instruction in safe bicycling operation.

c)   To plan, organize, and conduct recreational bicycling activities to include:

  1. Regularly scheduled rides
  2. Individual and group touring
  3. Individual and team competition

d)   To promote the use of bicycles for health, ecological, and alternative transportation purposes.

e)   To encourage public and private facilities for bicycling.

f)    To cooperate with public authorities in the observance of all traffic regulations.

g)   To advocate cycling safety, improved cycling facilities, and the registration of bicycles

 Policy: In its use and distribution of funds, CFC policy shall be to support club objectives as set forth in its by-laws.
  1. As a 501-c7 organization, the club shall support other IRS tax exempt organizations and projects
  2. Recipient organizations or specific projects shall further at least one of the club objectives
  3. Exceptions to this policy shall be subject to a 2/3 Board approval

Typical examples of organizations that might be supported include:

  1. DOT, MPO, RPO, County, Municipal transportation planning
  2. Regional Parks and Recreation departments
  3. National or regional bicycling advocacy organizations (LAB, Adventure Cycling, Rails to Trails Conservancy, NC Rails to Trails, NCATA, ECGA, WPRTA, Bikes Belong, America Bikes, other bicycle clubs, etc.)
  4. “Exempt” organizations unrelated to bicycling that propose a bicycling- related project  (Good Shepherd House or Miracle Field needs a bike rack; YWCA, YMCA or Scouts’ project or outing; school or church facility or program; etc.)

Typical examples of projects that might be supported include:

  1. Bicycling education (LCI training and supplies, SRTS projects, education events, etc.)
  2. Trail support and maintenance (Trail patrol, Friends of the Trail, trail facilities and accessories)
  3. Community park facilities or events as related to bicycling (Bike racks, trails, bike rodeos, Miracle Field, etc.)
  4. Furtherance of Bicycle Friendly Community objectives
  5. Promotion of bicycle safety (“See, Share, Be Aware” Campaign; videos, PSAs for radio and TV; motorist education; bicycle facilities, etc.)
  6. Advocacy projects such as national or state summits (scholarships for attendees, hosting a summit, etc.)
  7. Encouragement and advancement of bicycle community and its inclusiveness (Bicycle festivals; Bike to Work/School Day or Week or Month; CCT–Run, Ride, Roll; River to Sea Ride; promotional fair booth; Tour de Blueberry, etc.)