The Board of Directors has approved a new way to sell and deliver CFC apparel.  CFC has over many years maintained an inventory of jerseys for sale to members, but this has tied up funds in inventory, and as a result limited our ability to update our jersey design or offer other apparel items.  Many clubs use an annual jersey sale where members individually order the current year jersey directly from the supplier.  

Our current jersey supplier, Primal, offers a service called the Team Store where we select and design an apparel item to offer our members during a specific two week opening. The Team Store provides an online secure site to view, select size, select your desired method of delivery, and pay directly.  Then after 9 weeks you will receive your order directly via mail ($10.00 additional charge), or via a bulk shipment and then our current delivery method through the CFC Apparel Box at Two Wheeler Dealer (no charge).  There is no charge for tax using the Primal site in North Carolina.

We plan on having a “fit kit” available after Oct 14, at TWD on a specific day(s) and time as well as the Saturday ride 10/15 and Sunday morning ride 10/16, so that you can try a sample on for size.  The jersey is the same cut as our current jersey.  We have decided not to offer a women’s jersey as we still have 17 in stock that are currently on sale at $30.  A unisex size chart is attached below that can be used for both the jersey and wind vest.

Here are this fall’s new men’s jersey ($60), unisex wind vest ($60) and arm warmers ($25).  I hope you like them.  Craig Mann, CFC Apparel  

2016-cfc-Primal-Jersey 2016-cfc-Primal-Vest

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